We are life!

We’re black, we’re white,
we’re brown, we’re red.
We’re females with pigments of color difference, to form the rainbow you see.

We’re tall, we’re short,
We’re average, we’re little people also.
We’re Mammals with foot and inch difference to make up an undefined height chat.

We're chubby, we're slender,
We're moderately figured, plumpy defined.
We're a work of art, creatively shaped with spectacular curves to wow each sight.

We're elegant, we're classy,
We're dynamic, yet amiable.
We're set of diamonds, causing Sparks in little and large spaces, bringing shines into every corner, illuminating the darkest end.

We're brain, we're bold, and we're beautiful.
We're simple, yet complex, different yet same species.
We're life-givers, we're life nourishers!
We're everything beautiful!
We're WOMEN!
We're LIFE!



I’m beautiful you’re beautiful we’re beautiful!

“Beauty is no quality in things themselves: It exists merely in the mind which contemplates them; and each mind perceives a different beauty.”
David Hume,

Out there in the garden, stands the purple hibiscus smiling toothlessly like barbie at one, the red roses enchanting, the yellow sunflowers dancing to…

Okeke (Obiefuna) Chidinma

Living every day as though it were my last. My thoughts in writing intermittently. louisa4kenny03@gmail.com URL-- louisa4kenny03.medium.com

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