An escape route to edgy feelings

Photo by Daniele Levis Pelusi on Unsplash

Emotions,” wrote Aristotle (384–322 BCE), “are all those feelings that so change men as to affect their judgements, and that are also attended by pain or pleasure. Such are anger, pity, fear and the like, with their opposites.”

Most times, these feelings are not controlled because they're wired, a resultant or reactive response to an action or inaction. They're also not pre-planned, but rather reflex in nature.

Right now I'm high, like high on the mountains, but not the mountain top. I feel like loving, not getting physical like making love. I feel like picking up my phone and putting a call through to that special someone, maybe my lover cos he isn't right here with me, off course he's left for work quite early like he always did. I don't always feel so complete without him not because I'm literally not complete but because we have chosen not to be without each other, and most importantly cos he's my better half and a best friend. Or maybe I should call my dearest friend, my intimate friend, my close friend. That friend I could call a scallywag and we'll laugh over it cos he/she knows deep down I mean to say sweetheart. That friend I could open up the depth of my filthiness to cos I know I won't be judged but rather be given the best of advice. That friend I could lay on the bed speaking to face to face or through the wires and yet not get tired. Or maybe I should call one of my siblings and we gist about our parents home, our home town where we have a large cherry tree behind our country house, how we travel down there every festive period, going to bed every other day with all hopes and anticipation of waking early to go catch some fruit at the base of the cherry tree, inspite of the belief that spirits hover around there especially in the dark. Or we could talk about our works, our different escapades of love lives, lols, maybe that of Larry and I or that of Sonia my elder sis and Ken... Romances that never continued but they made good memories, and they are better off ended. Or maybe put a call through to my son who is out there in school either in his hostel, class room, library or any other place within his school.
God!!! In the past one hour I've tried putting a call through to these ones who definitely make up my love life system but couldn't, not because they've fallen out of love with me, but certainly because they're currently occupied with life's duty.

On the other corner, I think through my feelings just about the other day. After returning from my work shift during midday, dropping my work bag on the ceramic floor, right on almost the same spot, I unzipped, pulled down my classy gown, down went every other thing that needed to be off, I walked straight under the shower, cooled off my drooping body and slide into the bed, almost at same time my phone rang, thanks it was at the edge of my bed, I wouldn't have to move an inch to get hold of it. but no thanks cos right now it makes no difference if it were far off at my study table. I just wryly looked through the screen and looked off, that's the best I could do, I'm just not in the mood to speak with anyone, I mean anybody.
My feelings not always like this every other day, today's different, I'm low on emotions today, I know that. just wanna be on my own, by myself and to myself.

Human emotions could actually be a tussle between irregular feelings but a very beautiful thing about human nature is that almost everything can fall under the department of management. And so, just like that illness that seems not to be remediable, you manage it, and guess what?, a proper management brings healing.


*MUSIC- This they say is a universal language, not just to the ear, to the heart also. Almost everyone could be said to be a music lover, maybe to different genre and Artist, for me, it's the Hip-hop. As much as music creates emotions, it can swing emotions as well. Ensure you make a generous use of music to create and swing your feelings.

*DWELL IN YOUR HOBBIES- Our hobbies differs, but they certainly bring some level joy into our existence. They are also capable of swinging situational emotions and offering healing process...- Sam suggested to Jack they should go on a peer volleyball watching after Jack's break up with Ani, and was still brooding. Jack was reluctant though but went anyways. At the ball watch, Jack was overtaken by passion and unconsciously joined in the volleyball play and was already screaming at the top of his voice before he could know it.
The magic was done by Jack's hobby - Volleyball.

*ENJOY THE MEMORIES- Memories can be tricky at times. While good ones surges up good emotions, bad memories could turn a good day bad. While some memories made themselves, some where deliberately and consciously to some extent formed. Invest time in forming good memories with your present time so you can enjoy them on days you run out on opportunities. Good memories needs to be relished, it's good for the heart.

*CATCH A MOVIE - This is one great idea that soothes especially when you make a right pick. A pack of popcorn, cheese with a cold drink or a hot preference as your choice demands may not be a bad suggestion.
P.S be sure not to go for a complicated movie option.

*GIVE THAT FRIEND A CHANCE.- surely a ME time is a necessary plus important time to have, at least some few minutes in everyday, but you'll sure agree with me that a ME time when angry, depressed or desolate could be dangerous. Be kind to yourself to allow a dear friend in between this feelings, you never know the closure these ones will create, not instantly, but gradually.

*REFLECT- A reflection could open to you how fair or unfair your feelings at the moment may be either to yourself or a second party. Sometimes an emotion could be selfish, irrational or very unnecessary. An honest discovery of any of these could naturally transform negative emotions into positive ones.

Studies shows that people who are sleep deprived reports an increase in negative moods (anger, frustration, irritability, sadness) and a decrease in positive moods.

"sleeplessness is often a symptom of mood disorders, such as depression and anxiety. It can also raise the risk of, and even contribute to, developing some mood disorders". https://www.betterhealth.vic.gov.au/health/HealthyLiving/Mood-and-sleep

It's been generally observed that sleep relaxes the nerves and hormones, producing a positive correlation with positive emotions and a negative correlation with negative emotional. A good sleep will definitely wake you up to a bright feelings if you give it an opportunity.

*CRY - Quite unfortunate, not many subscribe to this. Some think it's a weakness. But like sleep too, some magical outcome surfaces after a cry session. Pouring out your grieve, Heart break, disappointments through the waters of your eyes without brooding, but with a relief, allowing the internal waters wash your heart of all pain, hmmm, it could be therapeutic.

Judy's knock was the next I heard, my next door neighbor. Being a weekend, it's always not hard getting a random hangout buddy. KAMBILI is currently showing said Judy for almost a week now, can we go see it together, she requested. I'm still high but my wants are really occupied at the moment, I just need to find a way to relieve myself and so my YES popped out, loud enough like though it's long due.
KAMBILI's a tale of a young lady who finds life to be a carefree and nonchalant adventure and eventually finds love in her best male friend. After the movies, we had lunch at the Kafs while chitchatting about the adventures of the movie.

It's quite obvious my moods are light now, my emotions chatty, I'm quite relieved. So much thanks to the positive distractions.

Being a great manager then, you become Masters over your edgy feelings, leaving you with less mess up and more of being in control.